Our Story

REDSIX is an Australian made ‘Mental Health’ initiative designed and created in 2018 by Australian Army veteran, Mike Handley, from lived experience in one of the highest suicide risk demographics globally, the military.

After nearly 7 years’ service in the Army and 2 overseas deployments, Mike’s experienced common issues when leaving the military, from withdrawal, social isolation, difficulty in finding employment and eventually PTSD, depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction through to suicidal ideology.

REDSIX was created due to the rising rate of modern-day veterans losing the battle within after returning home from operational demands and within 6 months of its release, REDSIX became the number one downloaded veteran support app in Australia.

And now REDSIX is available to everyone.

‘All throughout my military career, I trained and worked in groups, sections & teams of people who ‘had my 6’, a term used in the services meaning they had my back.

When I left, I felt I had no one and I often wondered if my mates felt the same, no one had our backs anymore’.

REDSIX is the ‘First Step’ in Mental Health support.

Our mission is to inspire the first step in mental health support. Through an intuitive app, we simplify reaching out for support and empower people to connect.

We believe that talking openly about mental health is the first step in the journey to recovery. REDSIX encourages you to ask yourself the hard questions:

What have you done today to improve your situation?
The only person who can change your situation is you.
Better mental health is a work in progress that all starts with you.

Founder Michael Handley never thought his journey from sports-loving & creative youth would see him deployed to remote parts of the world with the Australian Army helping developing countries, working on humanitarian missions. But as fate would have it & with his newfound inspiration, Michael decided to create an organisation that would make a positive impact on the world and thus, the journey of REDSIX began.

At REDSIX, we’re committed to keeping support simple, empowering individuals to rediscover joy in the power of simplicity. It’s time to take back control of your happiness and connect with a community that’s blessed and honoured to support you. In a society that needs comprehensive mental health support, REDSIX is here to help.

REDSIX – Empowering People to Connect by making reaching out for support easy.

Originally created to address the rising suicide rate amongst our military veterans, REDSIX has now evolved into the first Mental Health & Wellbeing social media platform dedicated to supporting everyone. REDSIX is about empowering people to reach out for support by providing a digital platform desensitised from the stigma of mental health, it’s a safe environment that encourages everyone to seek support when needed.

After successfully serving the veteran community, we recognized that everyone, regardless of their background, faces challenges and deserves support.



REDSIX making reaching out for support EASIER


At REDSIX, our mission is to inspire the ‘first step’ in mental health support. Through an intuitive app, we simplify reaching out for support and empower people to connect.

Change starts with the first step.

Taking the first step towards seeking mental health support can be difficult. That’s why we created REDSIX, an intuitive app that makes the process easier and more accessible than ever before.

With just a button press, connect with your support team, leveraging mood settings and social feeds. Breaking stigma is our goal, providing a beacon of hope through the traffic light system. We inspire positive change, empower proactive healing, and offer unwavering support. We are passionate about reshaping the mental health landscape, ensuring no one walks alone. Together, we create a network of care, embracing the power of ‘I’ve got your back.’

Join us in this transformative journey toward a brighter, stigma-free mental health future.

Company Value

At REDSIX, our mission is to empower people to reach out for support.

Purpose is our guiding light.

It’s the reason we rise each day, driven by the desire to set a meaningful example for our children, striving to make a difference in their lives and beyond. We’re committed to asking and encouraging others to ask the hard questions, fostering self-improvement daily.

Purpose fuels our journey to create a better, more connected world.







Join the world’s first Mental Health & Wellbeing social media platform.

Whether it’s you battling Mental Health challenges or supporting someone who is, WE’VE GOT YOUR SIX.

This isn’t just an app

It’s a digital community that nurtures growth, encourages dialogue, and most importantly, bridges the gap between those seeking help and the help they need.

REDSIX is an empowering environment where you can engage with peers, get updates from the community, and find a wealth of content aimed at promoting a healthier mind, open conversations and improved wellbeing.