RED SIX Ambassador Program

At REDSIX, we strive to bring about a positive change in the narrative surrounding mental health. As part of this endeavour, we’re always looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals who wish to join our mission. If you share our vision and feel a strong urge to make a difference, our Ambassador Program may be the perfect platform for you.

As a REDSIX Ambassador, you get the opportunity to not only become part of a dynamic and empathetic team, but also use your own unique voice and platform to bring about change. Our ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds, united by their shared mission of dismantling stigmas around mental health.What’s more, becoming a REDSIX Ambassador means you also represent TEAM SIX – our committed group of passionate change-makers.

By joining, you automatically signal to everyone around you that you are part of an effort to create an open, accepting world where mental health can be talked about without shame or judgment.

It’s a role that’s challenging, yet deeply rewarding – just like the work we do.

  • Raising awareness about mental health.
  • Organizing and participating in events, talks, workshops.
  • Sharing our resources and message on your platform(s).
  • Participating in our team discussions and sharing your insights.
  • Passionate about improving mental health awareness.
  • Willingness to openly talk about mental health.
  • Committed, motivated, and a team player.
  • Have some influence on a digital or local community.
How to Apply

Simplify fill in the application & let us know why you would be a great fit for TEAMSIX.
Join us in our mission to change the narrative around mental health, one conversation at a time. Together, we can break down barriers and make the world a safer place for those grappling with mental health issues.
We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to TEAM SIX.
Let’s light the path to mental health together.

REDSIX Ambassadors Application

Ambassadors Application

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