Discover REDSIX
The Simplicity of Connection.

As a nation, we’re more aware of the mental health problems facing Australians than ever before. Awareness isn’t the issue, the lack of early intervention is.

Imagine reaching out for support with a single button press.

REDSIX is more than an app; it’s a culture. We’ve harnessed technology’s potential to create an effortlessly accessible mobile lifeline. Let’s eradicate stigma and make seeking help a badge of strength. With REDSIX, instant peer support (personal contacts) and professional resources for safety are just a tap away.

REDSIX allows the user to choose the level of intervention needed when reaching out for support. Simply choose between your pre-programmed ‘Support Team’ if you need to offload or select any of the Nationally accredited professional support services available Australia-wide at just a press of a button.

REDSIX also gives any business, group and industry the ability to be proactive in identifying moods of staff, departments, locations, trends etc. via the platform’s data and provide early intervention support if needed before things get out of hand and the social media platform allows businesses, groups & industries to direct market news, events, meetings, products & services, advertising etc, directly to your audience, making REDSIX the ultimate solution to workplace mental health support.

It's time to shift the conversation; and embrace the power of connection, because everyone deserves support in their pocket.