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Together, we become a beacon of change, breaking barriers and fostering wellbeing.

At REDSIX, our team vision is to be the embodiment of global mental health support. We strive for early intervention, promoting candid conversations while cutting through excuses and forging connections. Like first aid, REDSIX is the first step in mental health support. We are the start to a journey of change that helps connect you with the appropriate resources that fit your needs, when needed. Team REDSIX is empowering people to reach out for support by linking individuals to the help they deserve, at a press of a button. We recognise our role: not saviours, but listeners and friends by emphasizing the power of listening and supporting.

Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with REDSIX means joining a mission to promote mental health and well-being in a world that needs it now more than ever. Here’s why you should collaborate with us:


Multiple Collaboration Options

We offer flexible partnership opportunities, whether you want to become an integral part of the REDSIX team, sponsor our initiatives, or integrate REDSIX into your government department, council, organization, or company.


Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace

We’re pioneers in simplifying access to mental health support. Imagine reaching out for help with just one button press. We’re dedicated to making mental health support easy and accessible, especially within the workplace.


Technological Innovation

We leverage cutting-edge technology to create a mobile app that saves lives. Our commitment to using technology for social good sets us apart.


Proven Success

REDSIX is already the number one downloaded mental health support app in the veteran community. Now, we’re expanding to support everyone. Join us in this exciting journey of growth and impact.


Breaking Stigma

We believe it’s time to break the stigma around mental health. Partnering with REDSIX means being part of a brand that not only promotes mental health but also makes it ‘cool’ to reach out and seek support.


Instant Access to Support

REDSIX offers direct access to instant peer-to-peer support and professional service links for those in crisis. Don’t miss the opportunity to prioritize the mental well-being of your employees, peers, and communities by collaborating with us.

RED SIX Ambassador Program

At REDSIX, we strive to bring about a positive change in the narrative surrounding mental health. As part of this endeavour, we’re always looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals who wish to join our mission. If you share our vision and feel a strong urge to make a difference, our Ambassador Program may be the perfect platform for you.

As a REDSIX Ambassador, you get the opportunity to not only become part of a dynamic and empathetic team, but also use your own unique voice and platform to bring about change. Our ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds, united by their shared mission of dismantling stigmas around mental health.