Introducing REDSIX: A Game Changer in Mental Health Support

Nov 18, 2023 | Blog

Did we just accidentally make the next Facebook?

I may have accidentally created the world’s first Mental Health & Wellbeing social media platform like Facebook, but with a heavy focus on self-care, mental health, and support functions.

I began this project with one simple mission – to create a better version of my already successful veteran’s mental health support app however my time on the ground showed me we are no longer talking about just the military, police, or our emergency services. The mental health impact on the Australian population shows an obvious need for proactive and simplistic support initiatives before this gets out of hand.

To my surprise, it turned out to be much more than that REDSIX became a digital community the nurtures growth, encourages dialogue and most importantly, bridges the gap between those seeking help and the help they need.

But what is even more surprising is that it still felt different from most other social networking platforms. There was a unique and powerful element of compassion and support in it. And the user is not just using it to share pictures of their dogs or post their opinions on recent events; they are actually sharing their personal stories of struggle, lending support to each other, engaging in productive discussions, using the self-care functions, tracking their mood changes, and getting instant peer to peer or professional support at a press of a button.

I found users leaving encouraging comments for each other, opening up about their mental health issues, helping each other find local therapists or psychiatrists, using the app’s mood tracking feature to understand their emotional patterns and improve their mental health.
Seeing this unexpected yet beautiful evolution of my project, I was thrilled and proud. I had originally developed this app to offer help and support to our veterans. But as I realised that everyone, regardless of their profession, experiences some form of stress or struggle, I decided to expand my project.

I think, we as a nation are more aware of the Mental Health problems facing Australians. Awareness isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of focus on early intervention initiatives that allow us to reach out for support when needed.

Mental health should be a priority for everyone. It’s high time we talk openly about it and extend our hands to help each other. My updated app now is more than just a social networking platform; it’s a community, a support system, a safe space.

Creating the next Facebook may have been an accident but ensuring that this accident becomes a support system for everyone dealing with mental health struggles is my primary goal. We’re all in this together, after all. By making mental health support as accessible as possible, we can help remove the stigma around seeking support and create a world where mental well-being is a priority for all. Let’s embrace the first step and build a world that supports mental health.

So, what it all about & how does it work?

REDSIX allows you to add in your support team and when faced with a crisis, choose the level of immediate support needed, your friends for a chat or professional services for instant crisis response. Whether you are battling mental health challenges or supporting a loved one who is, our platform offers an empowering haven for you to reach out and connect.

The ‘Mood’ function setting provides self-care monitoring and allow users to proactively identify when support is needed and to keep you engaged and informed, we provided the world’s first mental health and wellbeing social feed. Here, you can engage with peers, get updates from the community, and find a wealth of content aimed at promoting a healthier mind and improved wellbeing. With us, staying connected and staying in control has never been easier.

Our innovative app is designed to ease the process of seeking assistance, creating an empowering environment that fosters meaningful connections. Through technology, we strive to inspire action, alleviate suffering, and promote understanding, making mental health support more accessible, relatable, and efficient.

We’re driven by the commitment to enhance mental health support systems by encouraging individuals to take the crucial ‘first step.’ At REDSIX, we’re not just starting a dialogue – we’re fostering a movement for change. It’s time to talk. Let’s normalise the conversation about mental health.

It’s time for REDSIX, the world’s first Mental Health & Wellbeing social media platform that’s reaching out for support, made easy.

*The massive increase in veteran suicides within Australia led me to design & self-fund a simple to use mobile phone app that allowed veterans to add in their support team & when needed, reach out for peer-to-peer or professional support at a press of a button. (Over 1600 veterans have lost the battle within either during or post service life over the last 20 years in Australia).